GénéralQu'est-ce que le cannabis ?

You may have seen ads or heard people talking about the benefits of cannabis. This substance is more readily available at a cannabis dispensary, but you may not know what it is or how it differs from marijuana.

The Cannabis Plant

Cannabis is a plant group that consists of three plants. They have separate names, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderalis, and Cannabis indica; they are often grouped into a single category as the cannabis plant. Many people think cannabis and marijuana are the same, but marijuana comes from only the plant’s flowers. The flowers are harvested and dried to become marijuana, also referred to as pot or weed.

Because marijuana has developed a negative connotation in some areas, people are switching to using the term cannabis to refer to the drug. This change is especially noticeable when the person seeks the drug for medicinal use. Many states have legalized cannabis or marijuana for medicinal purposes, while a few have also included recreational use under the law for legalization.

What is Cannabis Used For?

Cannabis is used recreationally as marijuana, often for the calming effects. People will use it after a long day at work to help them relax. Doctors may prescribe cannabis or medical marijuana to treat various medical conditions. The most popular is chronic pain, but it can help with a poor appetite and glaucoma.

There are indications that cannabis may help with other medical conditions, but more research needs to be done. Since the move toward legalization, researchers have taken a new interest in learning what cannabis can do.

What is Cannabis Made Of?

Cannabis is more than just one ingredient. It’s made of over 120 chemicals or components. These components are referred to as cannabinoids. While researchers aren’t knowledgeable about all 120, there are two that have received most of the attention.

CBD is known as a psychoactive cannabinoid. This term is misleading because it doesn’t create the euphoric feeling that marijuana is famous for. It’s also non-intoxicating, which means it won’t leave you impaired.

This cannabinoid has been used to reduce nausea and anxiety and can help with seizures and migraines. One drug that contains CBD is Epidiolex, which has been approved to treat epilepsy by the US Food and Drug Administration.

THC is the other main cannabinoid in cannabis, which is also psychoactive. However, it is the component that creates the euphoric high that most people associate with cannabis.

Cannabis Products

Cannabis products can vary widely for their benefits, based to a great extent on whether CBD, THC, or both are included. For instance, here at Mamba Budds, you’ll see hemp products. Hemp has a large amount of CBD, but it doesn’t contain any THC.

You can find cannabis products that you take internally, such as pills. You can also buy products that are for external use, such as creams or lotions. CBD in general, and hemp in particular, are being used in beauty and skin products to help promote a youthful, healthy appearance.

Even with all these newfound benefits for cannabis, many people still enjoy the traditional experience. They are looking for the relaxing feeling that comes with cannabis products with THC. They may choose edibles or vaping to help them experience the euphoria that appeals to many.

Variety of Cannabis Use

Even if your reason for buying cannabis is purely recreational, you have options for how you want to take it. Smoking cannabis can provide the effects within a few minutes. If you choose to take a capsule or ingest edibles, it can take several hours before you notice a difference.

Cannabis comes in multiple strains. The differences are in how much of the cannabis from the various plants are included in the product. For instance, you may find a product with more sativa than the other plants.

You will notice the difference in how it makes you feel. Some strains are more relaxing while others provide extra energy or create a higher level of intensity, so you can experience sights and sounds more intensely. The type of product you want will depend on your purpose. Do you want help with insomnia? Do you need to relax? Perhaps you want a burst of energy to get a job done. Some people seek out cannabis for pain relief.

Shopping at a Cannabis Dispensary

With the use of cannabis growing, more options are available to purchase related products. If you’re looking for cannabis that is ideal for recreational use, check out Amis Mamba for fast shipping and a variety of products. You will find a wide inventory from edibles to hash to wellness products.

Check out the selection of products at our Mamba Budds cannabis dispensary website. We have an entire page dedicated to weekly deals where you can shop and create an order. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, visit our page today!

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