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If you’re looking for a reputable cannabis dispensary, Mamba Budds is here to help. We offer premium quality buds and first-class customer service. You can order quality cannabis and get them conveniently delivered to your door. Cannabis has become a common product in the US, UK, and Canada. Many areas have legalized the use of medical and recreational marijuana. But is cannabis addictive? Here’s an overview of the addiction potential of cannabis use.

How Addictive Is Cannabis?

Most people who use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes don’t develop an addiction. Some users may exhibit addiction-related behaviors, but it doesn’t mean they’re addicts. Cannabis users tend to have control of their use, including when to indulge and safe amounts. They also get the sought/intended results.

Some cannabis users will develop addictive tendencies known as marijuana use disorder. The condition arises from chronic cannabis use and is linked to dependence or abuse of the herb. According to NIDA (National-Institute-on-Drug-Abuse), about 30% of cannabis users may develop marijuana use disorder.

Will I Become Addicted to Cannabis?

Cannabis use generally doesn’t lead to addiction if you stick to a healthy amount. Chronic use of larger amounts may lead to some characteristics similar to addiction, so we recommend regulating your use. If you don’t abuse cannabis, you shouldn’t worry about addiction. Here are tips to help you avoid misusing cannabis products:

  • Use cannabis only when it is available
  • Determine the right quantity or stick to what your doctor prescribes
  • Buy your cannabis from reputable dispensaries
  • Establish a budget of what you’re willing to spend on cannabis products

Marijuana use disorder is only a concern if you continue to use large amounts of cannabis. Most cannabis users have total control over how much they spend and the quantity they use per day. Marijuana isn’t addictive, so you’ll never feel physically dependent like nicotine and other habitual substances. If you use cannabis consistently, you can try taking short breaks from time to time.

What Do Studies Say?

Users of addictive substances will require increasingly larger amounts to get the same effects. They’re also likely to experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop. Marijuana users don’t manifest tolerance, dependence, or withdrawal symptoms. According to early publications about cannabis addiction, the herb doesn’t lead to dependence. Most people get the sought effect using the same amount for many years.

A build-up of tolerance usually accompanies addiction to substances like cigarettes and other drugs. Such cases haven’t been reported among cannabis users. At Mamba Budds, we have more than 500 happy customers who order the same amount each time. The consistency shows that most of our users control the amount of cannabis they use. If you need more potent cannabis, we recommend trying a different product or strain.

What Happens When I Stop Using?

Physical tolerance to cannabis and THC (delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol) hasn’t been reported among regular users. Unless you use larger amounts of cannabis for many years, you won’t develop tolerance or experience any withdrawal symptoms. THC is the psychoactive agent that delivers the euphoric “high” of marijuana. Other compounds include CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol). CBD and CBG don’t offer any psychoactive properties.

You can quit using cannabis at any time without worrying about withdrawal symptoms. Even chronic users and abusers will experience nothing more than mild symptoms. Cannabis users don’t develop a chemical dependence, so any form of addiction is primarily psychological. If you’ve smoked cannabis for many years, you might miss the high for a few days without experiencing any adverse symptoms.

What If I Become Addicted?

Cannabis addiction is rare, and even chronic users can quit with little help. Experts have yet to determine why chronic users become addicted, while most don’t have such problems. Possible reasons for addiction include high potency, frequency of use, beginning age, genetics, and mental health. Cannabis has been known to stimulate the appetite making its users more likely to snack while consuming. If you overeat too frequently, you’ll show some effects like obesity and excess body fat. We recommend using the right amount.

At Mamba Budds, we’re yet to know anyone struggling with cannabis addiction. The herb doesn’t cause chemical dependence, so you can’t become addicted or unable to quit. You should source your marijuana from trustworthy dispensaries and avoid low-quality laced products. If your local supply is causing addictive tendencies, it might feature other components that aren’t cannabis, and you should look into the source right away. Pure cannabis shouldn’t cause addiction.

Reputable Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis use is prevalent worldwide, and people can access different strains and products. You can smoke joints, chew gummies, or eat edibles. Vapes and concentrates are also popular options among users. If you take small amounts of cannabis to feel good or for prescribed medical conditions, you shouldn’t worry about becoming addicted.

At Mamba Budds, we offer premium cannabis with natural potencies so that you can use it safely. Our cannabis dispensary is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services. We also have 60+ products and 35+ strains so that you can find the perfect option for your needs.

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