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The huge buds have one of the darker green hues I have seen in a strain. Like most heavy Indicas I have come across, the colour leaves me expecting the heavy, eyelid drooping high that leaves me locked onto a couch, not really watching Jurassic Park for the fourteenth time. The green is balanced by the purple hairs and orange and white trichomes.

The smell of the Death Bubba masks its potency. The aroma is not overpowering, it has a nice muskiness to it, you will also pick up hints of pine in the air as your nose investigates the nugget, breathe it in…it’s a nice preview of things to come.

A quick word of advice, I did find that the Death Bubba, upon being ground up, was a tad stickier than some of the other strains that I have encountered recently. This didn’t cause any greater difficulty in smoking or inhibit my manner of consumption at all. The Death Bubba was amazing in the blunt and the bowl. Just felt a little more resiny to the touch, felt good.

Those of you who have stuff to do later in the day. Do not smoke Death Bubba before this. You have been warned, this strain will put you in a couch lock level of 10/10. You ain’t gonna be doing s**t productive afterwards. Your homie is going to be mentioning something interesting to you that happened on the way over to your place, they’re going to have to tell you multiple times as you drift off to somewhere relaxing in your mind and body. “Huh, what you say? I was thinking about a unicorn riding on a rainbow into the sunset…”

We Smokin’

  • The taste is a little more intense than some of the strains I’ve smoked recently. Not overpowering like a diesel, but there are some kushy type flavors floating around on my taste buds. It’s pleasant.
  • I tried to take a superman pull off my blunt. Not wise, moderated draws are recommended, this is a heavy, potent smoke. If you smoke it like a normal human, you will be fine and find it super enjoyable. I made smoke rings!!!
  • The initial high is uplifting, giving a bit of a brain buzz. Then the heaviness kicks in and locks you down like a poor person in “The Purge”.
  • The giggles will kick in at first, but once the Indica side of the buzz kicks in, you will be feeling a little bit into yourself. The high hits hard and leaves you in a nice, pleasant nod, your buddies will often give you a nudge to make sure you heard the punchline to their jokes.

Recommended Practical Uses

  • Insomnia – Death Bubba is a heavy Indica. After the initial high hits you, the Indica overtones will affect you fairly hard. My reactions got slower, my eyelids heavier, my urge to move anywhere was removed. I put on a movie and made it two-thirds of the way through. If I know I am having trouble sleeping, or having a lot on my mind that is giving me a lot brain activity at night, a bowl of Death Bubba allows my mind to be restful at night, leaving me able to rest peacefully and feel a lot more mentally ready to attack the day.
  • Pain Reduction – Once the Indica kicks in, everything melts away. The high THC potency of Death Bubba (as high as 27%) melts away all the aches and pains that have built up over the day. Letting you settle into a state of mind that doesn’t need to focus on how bad you feel, but how you feel good for a change.
  • Depression inhibition – If you have something heavy on your mind, there can be a couple of avenues to deal with it. A light airy activity that takes you so physically far away from your worries that you don’t think about them anymore. But what if hiking isn’t your thing? Or if it’s raining cats and dogs and getting your body away isn’t an option. Let Death Bubba take your mind away, once the high sets in you won’t be able to focus on what had you down, you’ll be too busy falling into a stupor to worry about what your boss said at 4:45 pm…f**k that guy.

Death Bubba Warnings

  • This smoke is heavy, like have all your stuff done and your snacks lined up heavy, once the couch lock hits you, your day is pretty much done. You’ve been warned, don’t have post smoke plans, you won’t wanna do them, unless they involve being inclined at an angle of at least 45 degrees.
  • You may feel some lingering high syndrome, so if you have to wake up from the nap and jump into some high action stuff, the Death Bubba might be better served for another occasion.
  • Don’t smoke this and operate even light machinery.
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We spoiled up here. When I say up here, I mean Vancouver, BC. Weed has been a part of mainstream life here since grass was green. Since weed has been the norm up here for decades, coming up with new strains and more varieties of cannabis consumption is what we do. Somewhere along the lines, if you travel the Sea to Sky there are growers of cannabis, some of the OG finest in the world. In one of these areas someone decided cross a strain known as Death Star with a plant known as the World-Famous Bubba Kush. From this corner of the planet was born the bud Death Bubba. With THC levels ranging in the 24-27% range. Death Bubba is an Indica that will leave you in a state of semi comatose stupor. Along with Gasmask, Death Bubba is one of the strongest Indicas that I have smoked. Because of this Death Bubba is renowned for its pain reduction, and sedative qualities.

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7, 14, 28, 56/2OZ, 112/4OZ


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