EdiblesHow Long Do Edibles Last Before They Expire?

Edibles offer a perfect alternative for users who can’t smoke/inhale cannabis for medical or personal reasons. The effects last longer since the cannabis goes through the digestive system first. It’s advisable to start with a low dose, but you should be mindful of the expiry dates. Like conventional food products, cannabis edibles can expire.

What Affects Cannabis Edibles Longevity?

Most cannabis-infused edibles feature an expiry date in the package, which means you can quickly check the shelf life before buying. Edibles also have other ingredients, some of which have shorter or longer shelf lives. Three main factors determine how long cannabis-infused edibles will last: type, ingredients, and preservation/storage.

1.    Types of Edibles

Different types of edibles have different shelf lives. Cannabis-infused energy drinks, sauces, condiments, and other refrigerated edibles can last for up to a week. Brownies and cookies will last longer, while gummies and lollipops offer the longest shelf lives. Solid edibles also tend to last longer than liquid edibles because they have less oxygen.

You should check your edibles regularly for strange smells and other signs of expiry. Food products can go bad before the expiry date, especially when not preserved correctly. Store products generally last to their indicated expiry dates, unlike homemade treats. A strange scent or new characteristics like color changes may indicate expiry.

2.    Edible Ingredients

Ingredients have a significant impact on how fast cannabis-infused edibles last. Milk, cheesecake, chocolate, and other dairy products go bad faster, usually within a week or less. Products with perishable ingredients, such as oil and butter, also go bad sooner. Edibles with non-perishable and semi-perishable ingredients like pepper, salt, dry herbs, and spices will generally last longer.

Cannabis-infused edibles can feature a wide range of ingredients. For store-bought edibles, you can check the label ingredient list. Homemade edible ingredients vary from one recipe to the next. If you want longer shelf life, purchase edibles with less perishable and liquid ingredients and more solid and dry and non/semi-perishable ingredients.

3.    Storage and Preservation

There are three options for preserving your edibles and other food products: storing, refrigerating, and freezing. Storing involves leaving the edibles in their packaging in the pantry or any other cool, dry area. You can check the label to determine the best temperature for storing your store-bought weed gummies, cookies, and sweets.

Fridges and freezers suit liquid products and perishable edibles like pizzas. Most cannabis-infused edibles will last up to a week in the refrigerator and six months in the freezer. Storage can impact the environment (acidity/basicity) and potency, so freezing for months may not be a good option. You should read the label to identify the best way to store your edibles.

Which Edibles Last Longest: Homemade or Store?

You can purchase cannabis-infused edibles from a trusted store or attempt to make one at home. If you seek the longest-lasting edibles and reliable potency, purchase your edibles from a reputable online or offline shop/dispensary. Store-bought edibles come with a “sell by” or “best before” date, telling you precisely how long the package will remain fresh, potent, and safe.

Store products eliminate guesswork on how long the edible will last. They also offer instructions on how to use the package after opening. Homemade edibles allow room for changing the recipes and incorporating your best ingredients. The edibles expire sooner than store-bought products, but you can increase longevity using sealed plastic bags, refrigerating, and freezing.

Determining Expiry Dates for Cannabis Edibles

For store-bought edibles, the label has explicit information about how long the product will last so that there’s no doubt. If you infuse homemade foods with cannabis, longevity will depend on what you prepare and the ingredients used.

Cannabis-infused edibles will stay fresh as long as non-cannabis edibles. The active cannabis ingredients don’t affect the shelf life.

You can use the same storage and refrigerating/freezing cycles for non-infused foods. If you store regular cookies for up to a week, cannabis-infused options will retain freshness for the same duration. Perishable ingredients should stay refrigerated or frozen to buffer shelf life. Dry ingredients and non-fridge/freezer edibles can last longer but require regular inspections.

How to Get Longer-Lasting Cannabis Edibles

The best way to get longer-lasting cannabis edibles is to find a trustworthy dispensary. Store-bought cannabis products from legitimate companies last the longest. They also feature the manufacturing and expiry dates so that you can choose the freshest batch for longer shelf lives. Here are more tips to help you store cannabis-infused edibles for longer:

•    Follow Label Instructions: Store the edible as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain freshness.

•    Use Sealed Packages: Keep your leftover edibles in sealed packages or airtight lids to prevent oxygen degradation.

•    Refrigerate/Freeze: Store your liquid and perishable edibles in the refrigerator or freezer to keep them fresh.

•    Review Quality: You should purchase premium-quality edibles and ingredients from reputable cannabis companies and brands.

Cannabis gummies and edibles can last a few days to several weeks, depending on the ingredient and composition. It’s essential to purchase all your edibles from a trustworthy brand with the best-quality ingredients and processes. At Mamba Budds, we provide first-class customer service, door delivery, and affordable premium-quality cannabis products with long expiries.

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